Working Together

Inka Fabric works directly with carefully selected artisans and small workshops across Peru to preserve ancient skills and techniques that produce quality finishes, giving you a piece of Peruvian heritage as well to promoting fair trade and supporting talented Peruvian craftsmanship.

Best Practice = Best Quality

Alpaca welfare is a priority for us. This is why we only partner with a select group of manufacturers with the highest standards and certifications in the Andes of Peru with whom we maintain a very close relationship and ensure the best quality products and highest welfare of the alpacas.

For a Better Tomorrow

Our goal is to offer sustainable, eco-friendly and unique products from natural fibres, principally Peruvian alpaca wool. This is one of the most ethically sourced fabrics that you can find. Our products come from the Andes of Peru where the alpaca live in their natural habitat and graze freely.


Why Alpaca

- Alpaca wool is durable.

- Alpacas require little water.

- Alpacas are soft on the earth.

- Alpacas are not mass farmed.

- Alpaca products do not need to be washed frequently.

Certifications from our Partners