About us

We are Liz and Adolfo, founders of UK based Inka Fabric.
Our mission is to share the extraordinary Peruvian heritage through the traditional means of textiles; an indigenous custom that has survived for hundreds of years and been passed down from generation to generation.

Adolfo is a Peruvian expatriate who now lives in the UK, but has never left his connections to Peru.

"When you   are outside of Peru you value more the rich culture and history of the country. I feel this deserves to be much better known and appreciated in the world. I just want to do my bit for the culture and traditions of my country."

Liz, British but with a Latin heart, has a strong social vocation and ties to Latin America. Liz has lived and worked in Latin America, where she met Adolfo, and the two enjoyed many travels throughout the continent, but always returned to Peru, for family, culture, gastronomy and spectacular scenery.
To inaugurate the start of our new project, we embarked on a trip back to Peru in search of the finest textiles handmade by the best artisans we could find. We travelled across the country to meet and form bonds with crafts men and women to understand firsthand the intricacies of this extraordinary textile art, and to ensure fair trade. We know that people are more and more conscious of the products they buy.
For us Inka Fabric is not just about making a business, it is not simply selling a rug or scarf, we want to ensure we are offering unique products that our customers value, and can see and appreciate the craftmanship of the artisans we know, and understand the story behind each piece of work. We wish to support local projects in the artisan communities from which we buy our products.
Each individual product is unique, handmade and inspired by the individual.
We don't just sell fabrics, we sell a tradition; we sell history. 










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