Alpaca Blanket Blend

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Gorgeously soft and delightfully Alpaca Blanket made in Peru. A luxurious gift for someone special.

Peruvian alpaca are bred at between 3500m to 5000m of altitude in the highlands of 
the Peruvian Andes. Alpaca have always been bred specifically for their naturally 
soft fleece; one of the finest, silkiest and most luxurious fibers in the world. 
Providing a quality that is softer and more sustainable than cashmere and lighter 
and warmer than wool.

Alpaca fibre is silky and soft. Its thickness ranges from 
18 to 22 microns (cashmere is 19 microns) yet remains
light and breathable.

Alpaca fibre is stronger than sheep's 
wool and more resistant to water, which 
makes it last wash after wash.

Unlike sheep's wool, the alpaca fibre 
does not contain lanolin, which makes it 
hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive 

Alpaca fibre is seven times warmer than 
sheep's wool and contains microscopic air pockets, which 
makes very light weight but breathable 

Alpacas are free grazing animals bred naturally
in the highlands of Peru without pesticides. They are not 
fed with hormones and do not receive chemicals.

The number of fibres needed to make an 
alpaca item of clothing are considerably 
reduced when compared with wool from 
other animals. It takes just one alpaca 
to make up to five jumpers!

The alpaca fibre has a natural colour 
spectrum which ranges from pure white 
to intense black and includes over 
thirty shades.


Measurements: 175 cm x 130 cm

Material 20% alpaca wool making it lightweight, soft, and warm, and 80% acrylic keeping it durable. 

Colour: Blue and white

We recommend hand wash or dry clean

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